Lake Michigan Beach House

This Lake Michigan Beach house was constructed in the mid 1930s. The house was totally gutted down to the existing framing. The existing room configuration was modified to create a larger kitchen, a first floor laundry room, a new first floor bathroom, two bedrooms and a master suite. The new room configuration allows the majority of the space to have Lake Michigan views. The master suite is off the rear porch which creates privacy and has a direct view of the Lake. The rear porch combined with the dining area has direct and unobstructed views of the Lake as well. The main family room has been updated with a stone fireplace and birch hardwood floors. A front porch has been added to the east elevation. The entire exterior has been updated with a new roof, stone chimney and cedar shingle siding. New steps have been constructed to a lower deck and the beach area. An upper deck has been constructed as well that looks over the bluff and allows full view of Lake Michigan and the beach.