Winnetka Addition

Interior framing almost complete for a kitchen/family room, master bath and interior renovation in Winnetka.

This project also features an open stair well and dormer to the third floor.

.DSC_0030 DSC_0031

Kenilworth Addition and Detached Garage

Kenilworth addition and detached garage almost under roof.  Will be installing windows, beginning interior H.V.A.C. and electrical soon.  This job will require matching a very difficult and no longer manufactured brick. We found a brick in Iowa that matches reasonably well, but will require a staining.


Northfield Lay Light Completed

Laylight panels installed  and completed. This detail adds a beautiful and unique touch to the family room and brings in natural, indirect light.

Northfield Lay Light

Just completed the framing and trim work for a center laylight sash with surrounding milk glass panels for a Family Room in Northfield. The custom laylight and panels from Marvin are expected in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned for the finished product.

North Shore Country Club Tennis Facility

Putting the finishing touches on the newly completed Tennis Facilty. All ready for spring tennis, warm weather can’t get here quick enough